Newt (Public)
Newt (Public)

Newt (Public)


Welcome to Newt! We're the experiments arm of Aave. Join us fren :3 👉👉

👀 What is Newt?

We’re a community of devs, degens, designers, and memelords focused on building at the forefront of crypto — with the goal to learn and have fun.

Together we ideate, build, and ship the most interesting proofs-of-concepts in crypto!

🚗 Roadmap

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Aika (fka Non-Fungible Time)
😌 Done
Novel NFT Use Case
Lens Memixer
🤝 In Progress
Aave Ecosystem Add-ons
👀 Prioritized
Potion Game
👀 Prioritized
ZK Tickets
👀 Prioritized
Zero Knowledge
Aika v2
🤝 In Progress
Novel NFT Use Case
Debt-Bearing Flash Loans
Let’s Shuffle! (fka NFT Trading Cards)
Novel NFT Use Case
Optimized Gas Flash Loans
Rebasing NFTs
Novel NFT Use Case
Burn shitty Opensea Polygon NFTs
🤯 Idea
Novel NFT Use Case
Dungeon Crawler
🤯 Idea

🤌 How do I get involved?


Have an idea for an experiment? Fill out our Intake Form to get it prioritized (below or linked here)

Idea Form

Want to contribute? Fill out the Contributor Form (below or linked here) and check out the Task List (below)

Contributor Form
Task List

📚 Resources

Internal Audits

🔗 Official Links

Intake Form (for ideas)

🤝 Operating Model

Community Calls

  • Team Update: first Monday of every month
  • Community Pitch Call: third Monday of every month

🤌 Le Vision

Newt is dedicated and publicly committed to advancing the innovations of crypto and Web3.

Sometimes the greatest innovations come by accident; driven by the desire to learn from pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Pioneering a new space needs equal parts vision, an appetite for experimentation, and the willingness to let the cards fall where they may.

All of Web3 is an experiment. And we want to jumpstart and contribute to the breakneck pace of innovation happening in the space.

And we're not going do it in super-secret closed doors like the innovation labs of our TradTech counterparts, but rather out in the open with the community — in a crypto-native way.

We'll tinker, we'll jam, and we'll ship. We'll shitpost and vibe. And who knows — maybe we're going to build something transformational.

Not saying we're going to reach those heights, but we'll definitely have a shit ton of fun trying.

Go to Mirror to read our full vision.

✨ Our Values

  1. We build in public. Everything we do is for the education and inspiration for the broader Web3 community.
  2. We ship. We inspire through what we build, and we hope for other builders to join us in our journey.
  3. We solve for fun. If it's not fun, it's not worth building.


Learn, have fun, and make frens along the way.