Aika v2

Two big improvements: User Experience and Contracts

User Experience


  1. Facilitate sales → enable better discovery of minted time
  2. More high quality mints → filter for spam


  • UX that is centered around creators
    • Lazy mint of creator availability
    • Search by ENS or Lens Profile NFT to see calendars
    • Marketplace that shows creators, not individual time
    • Discovery
      • Profile link that people can share (will show calendar)


More targeted focus of time sold

  • Web3 Lessons [the most likely scenario]
    • NFT collection design
    • Solidity best practices
    • Crypto-native lessons offered
  • Bookings
    • Events
    • IRL services (e.g., barber, yoga classes)
      • Fundraise to bootstrap creating an IRL business
      • Like Kickstarter for an IRL service


Aika v2 contracts will become a full-fledged protocol with the ability to add modules — similar to Lens Protocol — to make it as flexible and scalable in its applications.

Modules for redemption, pricing, and dispute management:

  • Redemption:
    • Currently has upfront payment
    • Newt will build 50% upfront, 50% at delivery of time
    • Others can build different redemption mechanisms
  • Pricing:
    • Newt will build the fixed price module
    • Others can build the auction module — for standard auction, Dutch, reverse Dutch, etc
  • Dispute management
    • Newt will build a 5-star rating and review system
    • Other ideas
      • 2/3 multisig on both parties calling something redeemed
        • Third signer is an arbitration body (e.g., a DAO)
      • Stake collateral
      • Kick out to Kleros court system

**Can set up bounties for additional modules to be created by developers

Other contact features:

  • Lazy mint
    • Creators ‘list’ their time, and buyers mint the time on the blockchain
      • Assume it’s redeemed when it’s past the point of AvailabilityTo
  • Editions of ERC 721
    • “Group” time together so that multiple people can buy the same time (e.g., an online class)