Burn shitty Opensea Polygon NFTs


Why we want this

  • Polygon NFTs on Opensea are spammy as fuck and are super annoying and everyone UNANIMOUSLY wants to get rid of them


People get airdropped dumb spam NFTs on Polygon all the time — usually through OpenSea's gasless mint feature

They're so dumb and ugly and ruin the curation experience of anyone trying to go through his/her/their NFT gallery


A Solution

High-level features
  • Bulk select the Polygon NFTs that you want to get rid of
  • 'Convert' these NFTs into another NFT (we will need to create NFTs) through 'burning'
  • Tiers based on how many NFTs you 'burn'

How it might work

  • Contract with function that bulk sends NFTs to burn address on Polygon 0x00000..0 and emits an event
  • Function that mints another NFT that's cool to the burner
    • NFT is based on how many NFTs were burned

How it might look

Option 1: Rick and Morty ‘wishing portal’

  • Connect wallet: read wallet and select the NFTs you want to dump (Polygon only)
  • Dump button
  • A new NFT is sent to your address (something sci-fi, R&M themed)

Option 2: Sacrificial altar

  • Connect wallet
  • Select tribute
  • Pay tribute
  • Withdraw new NFT (some religious relic)

Benefits and risks

Impact to personas

  • People are HAPPY they get to get rid of their SHITTY Polygon NFTs

Risks and limitations

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