Debt-Bearing Flash Loans

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The idea here is to have an interface that allows various composable atomic transactions that utilize Aave debt-bearing flash loans, akin to Furucombo. I'm unaware if Instadapp or DefiSaver use debt-bearing flash loans for their automatic leveraged yield farming and couldn't easily find the information; if they do, it's not prominent enough!

As a quick explainer, debt-bearing flash loans are the equivalent of taking on debt before you need the collateral, and as long as you deposit the collateral before the end of the execution context, you are not charged a flash loan premium and don't need to repay the flash loan.

Potential Use Cases

Instant Cross-Chain Loans via Portal

This would work by having collateral, then flash loaning the assets you want to borrow, and then using the portal functionality for rapid withdrawal on another chain. This is equivalent to just borrowing then bridging, but in a single, convenient transaction.

Instant Leveraging

With this method it's fairly simple to execute a debt-bearing flash loan to take out the entire debt amount desired, then swap, and re-deposit to end up at the specified leverage. I believe other protocols that implement this require smart wallets, but it is not necessary with this method.

Instant Loan Transfers

It's possible to take out a loan and transfer the loaned assets in a single transaction, akin to borrowing and transferring, but in one transaction.