Dungeon Crawler

High level overview

A roguelike dungeon crawler built on polygon etc. that costs 1 MATIC in crypto per life

How it works

Each warrior gets a wallet address, the same for all sessions & players

Dying to the warrior transfers your loot bag (MATIC & achievement NFTs) to that warrior

Any player who kills a warrior gets whatever MATIC it's holding

Can form guilds

Bad guilds are worth basically 0 because no one dies to them

Beefy boss guilds could accrue a non-trivial reward (NFTs for tiers of MATIC in loot, etc.)

How it looks

A pixelated dungeon crawler


Could use the open source clone of an old Prince of Persia / Metroid / Castlevania as a base game (eg: https://github.com/NagyD/SDLPoP)