re:meme User Guide

re:meme is an on-chain meme creator and remixer built on top of Lens Protocol. With re:meme, meme creators and remixers can gain recognition for their work, and the remixes of memes can be seen over time. rememe.lol

Hey there! 👋

Welcome to re:meme! You’re getting a sneak preview of the first on-chain remixer. Let’s walk through how to use all of re:meme’s features on rememe.lol


You will need:

  • An Ethereum address and a non-custodial crypto wallet (e.g., Metamask)
  • A Lens Profile: check claim.lens.xyz and connect your wallet to see if you qualify for a Lens Profile

You will not need:

Discover Memes & Connect Lens Profile

re:meme’s homepage is where you can discover new memes that cycle through the page every time it loads. Click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button to log into your Lens Profile in order to access remix and creator tools on re:meme.

Remix a Meme

See a meme that you like? Remix an existing meme by hitting the ‘Remix’ button next to it.

Create a New Meme

Create a brand new meme on re:meme by uploading a base image from your local device, or starting from a blank canvas.

Report Offending Content

If you see a meme that violates re:meme’s Terms of Service, please report the meme and how content moderation team will review the flag and take down the meme, if necessary.

Appeal Content Takedown

If you believe that your meme has been wrongfully flagged for Terms of Service violation, you can submit an appeal, which our content moderation team will review and respond to within 7 days.