Music App on Lens


Why we want this

  • Create a best-in-class, mobile-first audio experience for musical artists to upload their content onto Lens
  • Product that supports the Lens creator growth strategy

Additional background (if any)

  • UX similar to Soundcloud
  • Ethos similar to Bandcamp (supporting artists)
  • MVP was built (collect.lens.xyz) but we want more dynamic and lively


No audio-first, mobile-optimized experience on Lens. Need it to onboard music creators to share their music on Lens.


Users - listeners of music

Creators - artists and musicians

Curators - resharing good music, building curated playlists of vibes

A Solution

High-level features - Soundcloud on Lens; mobile first
  • Upload songs
  • Listen to songs
  • Collect publication
We want this app to be a “Web2 app on Lens” to serve as a reference implementation for other developers to build Web2 on Lens (e.g., AWS backend, CDN, quick loading, SEO optimization)

How it might work (P0 - most important, P3 - least important)


Social features - song

  • [P0] Share link (og:image, title, description)
  • [P0] Flag song (inappropriate content)
  • [P1] Collect song
  • [P1] Mirror song
  • [P2] Comment?

Social - artist/curator

  • [P0] Share profile link (og:image, title, description)
  • [P1] Follow
  • [P1] View Lens profile

View own profile

  • [P0] Copy profile link
  • [P0] View collects
  • [P1] Download collects?
  • [P1] View mirrors
  • [P1] View followers
  • [P1] View following
  • [P1] View ‘Liked’ or ‘Saved’ songs


  • [P1] New songs (chronological releases)
  • [P1] Suggested songs
    • “What others that you’re following are listening to”
    • “What others that you’re following have collected”
    • “What’s being played right now” (almost like a livestream of current listeners)
    • Featured releases
  • [P1] Suggested artists
    • “To whom others that you’re following are listening”
    • “From whom others that you’re following have collected”
    • Artist of the week
  • [P1] Suggested curators


  • [P0] Listen to song (online listen, download / offline listen)
  • [P0] Previous + next song
  • [P0] Play / pause
  • [P0] Repeat
  • [P1] Shuffle
  • [P1] Go to album
  • [P1] Go to artist
  • [P1] ‘Save’ or ‘like’ song
  • [P2] View artwork
  • [P3] Add to playlist


[P0] Create playlist (a bundle of mirrors) + edit metadata (e.g., title, tags, image, etc.)

[P1] Set + update curator percentage of collect fee

[P1] Update follower settings



  • [P0] Upload song
  • [P0] Edit song metadata (e.g., title, tags, image, record label, artist, album)
  • [P1] Set + update collect settings of song
  • [P1] Update follower settings


  • [P0] View songs
  • [P0] Copy profile link
  • [P1] Edit profile (name, description, add additional links)
  • [P1] View followers
  • [P1] View following
  • [P1] View ‘Liked’ or ‘Saved’ songs

Internal Operations

[P0] Content moderation (flagging and removing songs)


[P0] Privacy policy

[P0] Terms and Conditions

[P1] Analytics

How it might look

[insert Figma]

Benefits and risks


  • Do we want this to be a streaming platform (e.g., save songs and listen for later)?
  • What does user get in return to ‘collect’ a song? (e.g., get to download high res version)
  • How many social/discovery features do we want to build? (e.g., top songs, suggested songs, suggested creators)

What Aave gains from this

  • A marquee Lens platform to onboard musicians onto


  • Remixing songs with re:meme
  • Crowdfunding album production