NFT Trading Cards FAQ

For Card Creators

What NFT collections can I create cards with?

To start, we've whitelisted 10 NFT collections that explicitly grant commercial rights to the holders of the NFTs. They are:

  1. Cool Cats
  2. Bored Apes
  3. Loot
  4. Bgan Punks
  5. DogePound
  6. DeadHeads
  7. Creature
  8. Omnimorphs
  9. HashMasks
  10. Cryptoadz

Can more NFT collections be added?

Definitely! Go to the Discord [link], go to #feedback-suggestions and say an NFT collection (that's either public domain or gives commercial rights) that should be included.

In the future, we want there to be decentralized governance amongst the Newt community members.

What is rarity?

Trading card rarity is a function of how long an NFT is locked for -- from 12 hours to 1 week. Rarity will also determine how many cards can be created and purchased by others. After selecting the rarity, you can set the price of a trading card at any price.

Rarity tiers:

  1. Silver: common, up to 100 minted cards, 12 hours locked
  2. Gold: rare, up to 50 minted cards, 1 day locked
  3. Platinum: rarer, up to 25 minted cards, 3 day locked
  4. Titanium: rarest, up to 10 minted cards, 1 week locked

What price should I sell my cards at?

Totally up to you. Could be a minimum of free to any price you want in ETH terms.

For Card Collectors

Is there a timeline for non-Ethereum chains?

We built this proof-of-concept on Ethereum because that's where all the dope NFTs are. We'll assess our expansion to other chains once a vibrant ecosystem of NFTs (that grant commercial rights) appears.

In the meantime, we welcome anyone to fork the contract and deploy on other chains.