Potion Game

It's a game based on a solidity contract where the users mint the different materials to create potions ( more NFT's ), and with this, potions can drop effects to other addresses. The crazy thing about this game is the fact that the effects are NFT where the owner ( the person who receives the effect of the potion ) can't transfer or burn this token, and the only way to remove these NFTs from your profile is using a special potion (Sacred Water) that removes the effect NFT stuck in your wallet. Game flow : - You can buy materials (NFTS) - You can create potions with these materials ( Ex: Ghost + Mushroom + Carrot = Love Potion ) - You can enchant an address with this potion - This generates an NFT that is stuck on the address that you specify and only can be removed with a special potion. Future: - Create different ways to get rare materials ( stacking contracts "dungeons?", rewards from protocols ... ) - Improve the way that we create the potions, we can add more complexity. - Potions with % of success to drop the effect. - Holding x kind of effect/NFTS/coin from the protocol on your wallet can protect you from other effects or increase your luck to receive rewards ( rare materials, or drop the effects are more difficult)